Zoos and XXL Patients
We are setting up this page for both zoos and agencies that deal with very large animals.
Included will be our XXL spread bar, pulley, and other items for the heavy patient.
 All of this gear is focused on animals that can weigh up to 10,000 pounds.

Update:  12 January 2018

For those visiting this page, we will be in full development mode of this division over the next few months.  To the left you can see a picture of our first XXL spread bar and Instant Release System.  While this design is functional, we have recently re-evaluated every aspect and will be working to make a system that is both simpler and more universal in its approach to rigging.  Stay tuned!

In other news, we have recently been making a number of slings designed for camels and have been sending them to the United Arab Emirates.  This is mentioned primarily because this is a custom sized sling, that while built on the Becker Sling design, has longer front and rear body slings to better accommodate the hump in the camels back.  As stated elsewhere, we can make any custom design, and often this is no more expensive than our production models.  We will also be purchasing some 12" inch wide nylon webbing for those XXL patients, like elephants, that would require a very wide webbing.

Other products that will be featured on this page will include our new line of "Needle Guides" that help get straps and rigging under a downed animal.  Already in production is our XXL Pulley which can be seen and purchased on our Accessories page.

Bottom line:  We can work with any agency or zoo to produce a system to help animals in need of assistance.  We work closely with Eric Thompson and ASAR.  Eric has been absolutely vital to our product development and testing.  Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your needs!

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