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The Becker Sling is a simple vertical lift system designed for short rescue evolutions extracting large animals from cisterns, swimming pools, and any other location where it is necessary to lift the animal in order to place them in a safer location.  Most frequently the sling is ordered as a total "Out the Door" option which places all of the needed parts and accessories (including shipping within the continental United States) into one package deal.  This option is good for rescue squads and government agencies that require a predictable cost prior to applying for grants and other funding.  However, we can certainly accommodate individual part pricing for those organizations that have more specific needs or may need replacement items.

(Note:  Our sling has undergone some "upgrades" including a rear strap.  These are not yet represented in the picture above.)

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While our most commonly ordered sling is our "REGULAR", which fits 90 percent of the animals that require rescue or convalescence, we also make other sizes.  The table below shows the ranges where perhaps a better fit might be more suitable for specific situations.  Of course, we can make anything custom.  All the slings have the same features, including 9 D rings for attaching tag lines, accessories, or other means of auxiliary support, and colour coded ends for use with pads.

Sling Model Suggested Weight Range Webbing Width Front Sling Length Rear Sling Length Pad for Sling
Mini 200  -  400 pounds 4 inches 6 feet 6 feet 6 x 32 inches
Medium 400  -  700 pounds 6 inches 7 feet 7 feet 8 x 42 inches
*REGULAR 700  -  1500 pounds 8 inches 8 feet 8 feet 10 x 52 inches
Large 1200  -  2000 pounds 8 inches 10 feet 10 feet 10 x 52 inches
Camel 700  - 1800 pounds 8 inches 12 feet 10 feet 10 x 52 inches

Pricing below is for our Regular Model.  Please call/write for pricing of other lengths.  Either of our spread bars should work with all these sizes, although, the Standard Bar would be preferable for the Mini sling using the inner set of holes for the body slings.


Effective May 2017

We have made three significant changes to the body slings of our legacy product. The first is an additional "D" ring in the center of the sling as shown below
in the picture on the left. Next, we made the entire sling two plies, giving more strength to the center of the sling, as shown in the middle picture.
Finally, we changed the twisted eye in the end to a flat eye.

The first two changes are intended to pave the way for a new ESS (Enhanced Security System) that is in the final development stages through a cooperative effort with our partners in both North Carolina and France. The last involves the fundamental way the sling interfaces with the support system. Our original system was oriented so that the body slings were placed directly into the lower shackles, and thus the twisted eyes allowed for a better alignment. Now, with the more general use of "Quick Attach" straps, the flat eye is preferred. This last change is minor, as either a twisted or flat eye can be placed in a shackle or strap with little effort.

It must be stressed that for all agencies that have purchased Becker Slings over the years, the new ESS system will be totally backward compatible
 so that any previous sling will NOT be obsolete!

Of course, with the additional material, hardware, and labour, there has be some changes in pricing. Despite many other enhancements over the last
five years, we have not had any increases to the overall package until now. We remain committed that pricing will remain fair and competitive.



In early September 2016, we conducted an "elephant" test on our tripod.
One of the findings of that test was that the red vinyl "organizer" on the
lower "Quick Attach" loops became damaged with a 12,000 pound load.
While we realize that this level of load would never be encountered within
a standard large animal rescue evolution, we decided to upgrade this
part with something that is totally  new and that is stronger and works better
in this application.  To the right you can see both versions of the new
"Quick Attach Strap".  Both straps now have a twisted eye in the end to
better align the carabiner to the shackle.  In the picture to the right, the
upper version goes with our Standard Bar.  Below that, the one with the
golden D ring, is the version that goes with the Instant Release Bar.

Below and to the left is the Quick Attach Strap that is on the Standard Bar.
The picture below and to the right is the Instant Release Bar.  Note that now,
in the "pre deploy" configuration, the D ring is placed in the Ram Hook first. 
Then, the carabiner can be passed through the body webbing eyes and hooked
to the lower shackle.  When released, the D ring easily passes through the body
sling eyes so that it is much less likely to hang up than having the carabiner
pass through the eyes.  The working load rating for either strap, when used
in the configuration that is intended, is 6400 pounds.

For those who would like to replace their existing quick attach rope, we can offer
either version of the new strap at an upgrade price of $24 each.  The normal price
 for this part for systems prior to the quick attach feature is $32.
(Price does not include carabiner)

Quick Attach Strap for Standard Spread Bar

Quick Attach Strap for Instant Release Spread Bar.
Note the "pre deploy" configuration with the D ring in the Ram Hook.


November 2015:  We are now offering our new "Instant Release" Spread Bar.
Click on the picture to the left to play a short video of its operation.

When purchasing a new sling, you may choose between this support system
or our more economical support system with a standard bar.

If you already own a sling with a standard support system, you can upgrade
your support system to this new model.  Check pricing below.

(Note:  Quick Attach Ropes have now been replaced with Quick Attach Straps shown above.)
To the right is the basic sling design.  This picture shows our new "Instant Release" Support System.  The sling includes everything one needs "below the hook".  At the top is the Master Oval which accepts connection to a crane or other lifting mechanism.  There are two types of shackles that connect to the spread bar.  The upper shackles are simple and receive the prussik loops from the master oval.  Even though this new model has the Ram-Hooks for Instant Release, we have kept the lower shackles from our previous standard model. These are the ones with the orange tag lines that connect to the safety retaining pin as well as the main supporting pin in the spread bar.  We kept these for two reasons:  1) The rescue agency can, as an option, choose not to use the Ram-Hooks and choose a rigging as with our standard bar, or 2) As an emergency backup plan in the rare event that the lanyard or other part of the Instant Release system fail.  The pads under the body slings are made from marine vinyl with two inches of high resiliency foam and sized to each webbing so that the D rings are made available.  The D rings are present in both the body webbings as well as the chest sling so that tag lines or other accessories might be attached to the system.  This is important if the supported animal needs to have a lateral movement or other needs of positioning while suspended.  Also included standard is a rear strap not shown in the photograph.
Out the Door

The "Out the Door" option, which is our most popular form of sales, includes everything in the system shown above.
Also included in the package is the "temporary support system", which is briefly used during the process of placing the sling on the
 animal, UPS ground shipping within the continental United States, as well as a Rubbermaid shipping/storage container as seen on
the left.  The Rubbermaid container the same as used by the National Disaster Medical System for all of their logistics.

We recently decided to offer a wheeled shipping/storage container.  The one to the right is made by Stanley.  While the
Stanley container is less expensive than the Rubbermaid, because it is larger, the shipping costs are more than twice that
of the Rubbermaid.  Thus, the Out the Door pricing is the same with either container that you select.  Please specify your choice.

Rubbermaid Shipping/Storage Container

Stanley Shipping/Storage Container (special order only)
Price List
Of course, all of our items above can be ordered as a complete package or as individual parts.
Below are listed our most popular sales.  For more details on pricing, go to:  ORDER PAGE.
If you have a need not mentioned, please call or write for an individual quote.  We
can offer many single and custom items on an ala carte basis!!

  Item Part Number Price
Becker Sling with Instant Release Spread Bar  -  Out the Door

Includes Support System, 2 Body Slings with Pads, Adjustable Chest Sling
with Pad, Rear Strap, Temporary support strap, Storage/Shipping Container, and
UPS Ground Shipping within the Continental United States

Please Specify either Rubbermaid or Stanley Storage Container
Becker Sling with Standard Spread Bar  -  Out the Door

Includes Support System, 2 Body Slings with Pads, Adjustable Chest Sling
with Pad, Rear Strap, Temporary support strap, Storage/Shipping Container, and
UPS Ground Shipping within the Continental United States

Please Specify either Rubbermaid or Stanley Storage Container
Instant Release Support System
(Systems now come with Quick Attach Straps rather than the ropes shown)
Standard Support System
(Systems now come with Quick Attach Straps rather than the ropes shown)
Spread Bar "Upgrade"

Select this item if you have a standard support system with all
the needed hardware and you desire only to purchase a new bar
with the "Instant Release" feature.
Body Sling with Pad  (with new center D ring described above) BKSLBDPD 396
Adjustable Chest Sling with Pad BKSLCHAJ 194
  Sling "Set"
(2 Body Slings with Pads, 1 Adjustable Chest Sling with Pad, Adjustable Rear Strap)

Load Ratings

When constructing this, or any type of system where load will be applied, it is vital to consider the ratings of all of the components of the system.  In addition, an extra safety factor is added so that there should never be system failure.  In human rescues, the safety factor is 15:1, meaning a 600 pound load should have a system rated to 9,000 pounds.  While this level of safety is great to consider, using these factors in animal lifting is often impractical due to the weight and expense of equipment, so often a reasonable compromise is in order.   

The Support System underwent load testing in Elkhart Indiana on 16 November 2004.  Four tests were required as the bolts on the testing machine were failing at loads of 13,000 - 15,000 pounds.  Finally, very large bolts were used and the support system was loaded to its maximum strength.  As predicted, the shackles, oval, and prussiks did not fail.  The ultimate load on the aluminum spread bar was 21,600 pounds at failure.  However, long before the bar failed, it was easily seen that the bar was bending indicating the high load.  We feel that this is a good visual safety feature.  The aluminum bar should easily handle large animals up to 2,000 pounds, giving the system a very high safety factor.

All of the components of the system have the ratings listed below.

Master Oval Link  -  Maximum Load 15,200 pounds
Prusik Loops  (Using the doubled configuration shown)  -  18,000 pounds breaking each loop
Shackles  -  Maximum Working Load  10,000 pounds each
Aluminum Spread Bar  -  21,600 pounds breaking  (total load equally divided on both ends)
Body Slings  -  Nominal 20,000 pounds maximum load
Chest Sling Hardware  -  2,500 pounds each side for a total of 5,000 pounds
Chest Sling Webbing  -  The golden coloured webbing has a rating of 6,000 pounds

Definitions:  "Working load" or "Maximum Load" is that load which a part can typically sustain safely on a daily basis
(with periodic inspections for damage).  "Breaking Strength" is that load which will cause immediate failure. 
A part should NEVER have a load which even approaches the breaking strength!


Except for the "Out the Door Option", prices shown do not include shipping from Virginia to your facility.  These charges will be added to your credit card after the items have been shipped.   Typical charges will be $10-20 plus the actual fees from United Parcel Service for smaller shipments.
Depending upon current stock levels, shipments may be as early as the next day or take up to two weeks.


While cranes from a number of different manufactures can certainly work, might we suggest checking Hiab.  They have offices all over the world, including the United States, and have an interest in Fire and Rescue applications.

    Click on the picture to the left for a link to Hiab.  Then specify your country for local offices.

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