Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  We are a 501c3 non profit organization.  Can you offer us a discounted price?

A:  As much as we would like to make our products more affordable for organizations, the truth is that, after our costs on materials, we make only a modest amount on the labour that goes in to the sling, with really no additional funds available that might be considered profit.  For example, the shackles are purchased, but they require drilling to be used in our system.  Because the steel is extremely hard, we purchase special fluted carbide bits, at $20 apiece, to perform this operation.  Even with a cooling/lubricating fluid drenching the work, we get only a limited number of holes drilled until the bit simply wears out.  The same goes for the other specialty tools and sewing machines that are used to make the system.  And some items, like the Rubbermaid container, are offered with absolutely no markup.  And we still have to pay shipping and sometimes sales tax on the incoming components.  Rest assured, our prices are a low as we can afford to make them and still stay in business!


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