Large Animal Rescue Equipment

This winter has been particularly challenging, with temperatures being much colder than usual and the fact that
we were not immune to the effects of the pandemic. We were successful at getting our large welder fixed, which had been
down and had limited our ability to produce certain parts. And, more good news is that things are looking up and supply lines
are improving as we were finally able to obtain some frame parts after ordering them last May. But we have also noted
some of our supplies are now a lot more expensive. For example, the foam for our head protectors is up 50% and the vinyl
has gone up 100% in price. With that being said, we are going to have to take a serious look at pricing, especially considering
we had not changed prices for the last five years. So for now, any pricing on the order forms may not be accurate until we are able to audit
each item posted. We don't enjoy raising prices, but these are certainly challenging times, especially for small businesses like ours.

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